Hi there! I’m Patricia.

I’m a university student majoring in linguistics. I know! That has nothing to do with my blog! That is the reason why I created it! From the beginning of my teen years I’ve always been interested in how to create beauty products at home, and with each year my scepticism grew bigger towards shop-bought products untill the very moment I found myself switching products every month, because I couldn’t find anything that would suit my skin, face, scalp, hair. I wasn’t reaching the desired goals I had for the health of skin and hair.

Every little recipe I post on my blog, has been tested by me. In addition I write descriptions of the ingredients I use, so you can check, whether you need that ingredient, or want it. I do a thorough research on the ingredient, to give you as much as information possible, but still in the most easiest and simple way. We’re not here to study chemistry! Although it is a science I always wanted to understand.

You can also expect personal posts, about cute cafe’s, shops and about travelling.

You are your own Hero every day!