The benefits of Honey. Yes, with a capital H

use honey almost every day for skin or hair care. And not to forget that it’s the only thing I think about when I have a cold, I add it everywhere, in my milk, water, tea. Honey is very rich in vitamins, what makes it very versatile (and what makes me use it for almost anything).

Honey is mostly used as an ingredient for masks, but can also be used in a solo, performing as a mask itself. It can also be used as a facial cleanser, in the combination with coconut oil and apple vinegar.

These are the ingredients I use most for hair and facial masks: honey, olive oil and coconut oil.

Before buying honey, it is important to know that you need honey that is unprocessed and raw. Don’t fall for pots that say ‘natural’ or ‘bio’, well, of course it’s bio and natural, but doesn’t mean it hasn’t been processed. This is important due to the reason that it will still contain most of it’s important and rich contents. Okay, now that you know what honey to buy, let’s proceed with why Honey is so amazing and have a look at the Benefits.

Honey is full of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, organic acids and is preservative which can benefit your skin hugely.
Antioxidants help to prevent and repair damage of your skin. They do this by stopping or slowing down free radicals, which start oxidation. Oxidation is a process where damage is done through oxygen and can lead to cell disfunction.
There are two minerals in honey, which help your skins: zinc and selenium. Zinc also fights against free radicals, like the antioxidants, and protects the fats, that create a support for your skins when it’s exposed to UV or pollution. Zinc has a key role in, for example, a little cut: it will fight against a infection and will produce new cells in order for the cut to heal. Selenium is also a member of the ‘anti-free radicals’ squad. Selenium neutralizes the free radicals in order to prevent wrinkles. Besides being a part in the squad against free radicals, it also has a role in your immune system, strengthening you skin, because your skins is the border with all the toxins in the world.
Amino acids help to keep the skin smooth and elastic.
Organic acids are good at deep cleansing, removing dead skin cells, and creating a more even skin colour.

Honey consists of 6 vitamins, keep reading further to know which and what the are good for.

  • Riboflavin (vitamin B2) maintains collagen levels. Collagen is needed to maintain the youthful structure and prevents wrinkles.
  • Niacin (vitamin B3) speeds up cell metabolism and cell turnover, a process that slows down aging.
  • Pantothenic acid (vitamin B3) reduces amount of water lost through the skin, improving softness and elasticity. Reliefs itchiness, pain and redness and acts like a barrier protecting the skins from skin irritation.
  • Vitamin B6 regulates the hormonal balance.
  • Folate (vitamin B9) prevents sun damage and maintains collagen levels as well.
  • Vitamin C provides sun protection, production of collagen. The body uses vitamin C to replace damaged tissue, creating scar tissue and improves elasticity as well as protecting the skin from discoloring.

The only thing honey does not do is exfoliate, at least on its own. There are always little tricks, that you still can use it as an ingredient for an exfoliating product.

So, this is a lot of information, but it is all the information you need on honey. Before using it, make sure you don’t have any allergies!




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The benefits of Honey.
A few reasons why it is a good idea to use honey to get beautiful skin.
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